diumenge, 12 d’abril de 2009

A few days in the Pyrenees

These last 4 days I have been in the Pyrenees with my father, Marta and her children. This days have been fantastic!
We stayed in apartment in a campsite which was very nice and big, It was in the middle of a valley and facing the window he saw the snowy mountains.
We arrived on Thursday morning, we ate some macaroni which had brought from home and we went to market in Sort. When we arrived Xavi, Lluis and I played a baseball in the grass, after we have dinner and we went to sleep.
The next day we were walking through the mountains to see a lake. When we arrived at the apartment I was very tired, but worth it.
On Saturday we was scared because the weather forecast said it would make a very bad time and it could not do anything. But we decided to go to the mountains to see snow. It was amazing we had a war of snow, we did very well and we just all wet!
Every day in the afternoon I did homeworks and I read The Hound of Baskerbille.
This morning we left and made me shame because I had very good!

dimarts, 7 d’abril de 2009

electric guitar

The guitar is a musical instrument with ancient roots that is used in a wide variety of musical styles. It typically has six strings, but four, seven, eight, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and eighteen string guitars also exist.

I chose to talk about guitars because I love to play and know that I love his sound.

Guitars are recognized as one of the primary instruments in jazz, blues, country, flamenco, mariachi, rock music, and many forms of pop. They can also be a solo classical instrument.

Guitars may be played acoustically, where the tone is produced by vibration of the strings and modulated by the hollow body, or they may rely on an amplifier that can electronically manipulate tone. Such electric guitars were introduced in the 1930s and continue to have a profound influence on popular culture.

I talk about electric guitars, the Electric guitars are more usuals are:

Stratocaster: The Stratocaster is one of the models of most successful electric guitar. The Stratocaster is an electric guitar designed by Leo Fender in 1954 and still produced today.

Lespaul: The Les Paul was designed by musician and inventor Lester William Polsfuss, better known as Les Paul, very popular at the time when he was hired by GibsonThe heavy body of the Les Paul is made in most models for a two-piece mahogany, which gives it a warm and dense ring and a maple top combo, which gives greater definition to the sound.

telecaster: In 1949 Leo Fender created first solid body electric guitar called Esquire, with the same design of the "Tele" but with one simple pill in the bridge position. In 1951 he decided to create a new version of 2 pills. It was originally named Broadcaster, but copyright issues with Gretsch, who marketed a battery call Broadkaster was finally decided in 1952 by Telecaster, giving this name to the world revolution that would result from the television.Is widely used in soft rock, rock the 60s, but especially the electric guitar is excellent for country music.

SG: SG is a popular model of solid body electric guitar that has been introduced in the ancient 1960s. It is similar to Gibson Les Paul model, but is lighter due to the body and is closer to double-cutaway

V:The V is an electric guitar model first released by Gibson in 1958.


Fear is an emotional response to threats and danger. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of pain.

I am very fearful, I am afraid of many things: death, snakes, the funfair (adrenaline), the scary movies, dentists... There are many situations that make me feel scared and insecure.
Many people love fear, they like note that the stomach is squeezed and they have chills.

To give you more information about the fear I have searched the causes of in our body and what happens if we haven’t.

The mechanism that triggered the fear is, either in person or animal in the brain, specifically in the limbic system, which is responsible for regulating emotions, struggle, escape and avoidance of pain, and in general for all functions of the individual and conservation of the species. This system is constantly revised (even during sleep) all information is received through the senses, and does so through the structure called the amygdala, which controls basic emotions like fear or affection, and is responsible for locate the source of danger. When the amygdala was activated triggers feelings of fear.

It is noteworthy that ethanol inhibits the production of vasopressin.
The removal of the amygdala seems to remove the fear in animals, but no such thing happens in humans (at most, change their personality and become more calm), in which the mechanism of fear and aggressive behavior is more complex and interacting with the cerebral cortex and other parts of the limbic system.