diumenge, 12 d’abril de 2009

A few days in the Pyrenees

These last 4 days I have been in the Pyrenees with my father, Marta and her children. This days have been fantastic!
We stayed in apartment in a campsite which was very nice and big, It was in the middle of a valley and facing the window he saw the snowy mountains.
We arrived on Thursday morning, we ate some macaroni which had brought from home and we went to market in Sort. When we arrived Xavi, Lluis and I played a baseball in the grass, after we have dinner and we went to sleep.
The next day we were walking through the mountains to see a lake. When we arrived at the apartment I was very tired, but worth it.
On Saturday we was scared because the weather forecast said it would make a very bad time and it could not do anything. But we decided to go to the mountains to see snow. It was amazing we had a war of snow, we did very well and we just all wet!
Every day in the afternoon I did homeworks and I read The Hound of Baskerbille.
This morning we left and made me shame because I had very good!