dijous, 4 de juny de 2009

the ice cream

The ice cream is not as recent as some might imagine it dates from 2000 BC, is said to be of Chinese origin. This food product was introduced in Europe by Marco Polo at the end of the thirteenth century. The ice cream is rich in protein and vitamins. Its main inputs are: milk, water, fat, sugar, flavorings, fruits, stabilizers, gums, alginates and emulsifiers.

I love going to ice cream such that there are many different types of ice cream! increible me eat it all! already think that a meal but do not really like ice cream. There are many different types of ice cream, a day I prov the ice cream of bread with tomato! was a little bit bad, but I like are more like candy, Chocolate, Pistachio, strawberry, banana, sweet milk chocolate of fish, biscuit, cream catalana, melon. .. but even if it seems the Japanese have invented a lie frozen raw meat raw fish i! sick

In the process of developing the former was a mixture of milk, sugar, cream and a stabilizer. This mixture was frozen during the shaking process to prevent the formation of large ice crystals. Traditionally, the temperature is reduced by placing the mixture in a container, which is immersed in a mixture of crushed ice and salt. The salt lowers the temperature of melting ice, absorbing a larger amount of heat released by the cream, helándola in the process. In 1913 was invented in the U.S. the first machine to produce continuous ice cream, commonly known butter, which is the heart of the whole manufacturing process. Basically consists in the exterior of a large steel cylinder, which is frozen by a very potent cold in the interior of a beater with blades (connected by a shaft to a powerful electric motor) that are scraping the cylinder walls and moving the mixture continuously until the mixture reaches the consistency of an ice cream.

I hope that with this explication of ice cream have you really want to eat i try different ice cream!