dijous, 4 de juny de 2009

What you prefer in your summer beach or pool?

The beach is a place that is quiet in winter but summer is always crowded, I prefer to go to the creeks that are small i do not bother anyone. In the pool is no good because i sand the water is sweet thing is that my taste is better than not to be private because if you push around the world i can not swim well. But I think if tubiera I prefer to choose the sea because it is very beautiful, blue water with green ...

I think both are very well because you can spend a perfect day with friends, but I also think that if you want to go to one of the two sites with the boy or the girl you like the beach is much better, if you are looking for a bit you can find an ideal site! What I like most of the beach and the swimming pool is at night! are experiences that one has to go. It is one of the best feelings.