dijous, 4 de juny de 2009

The new generation of spotify

Spotify is an application used to listen to songs via streaming. Can hear music search by artist, album or playlists created by users themselves. The program was launched on October 7, 2008 to the European market, while its implementation in other countries will be held throughout 2009. The company has signed agreements with record labels Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI Music and Warner Music among others.

The user has access to the slopes of several labels, both multinational and independent labels, with an expanded list daily. The tracks can be found by searching for artists, titles, album, genre or year of publication. Users can create playlists and edit them or share them with other users. To this end, the playlist can, among other functions, provide a link to add to an email or instant message window. If the recipient follows the link, the playlist will be downloaded in the Spotify client of the recipient. Like the normal links in the playlist you can use the links everywhere, as in web pages. Exactly the same can be done in the individual tracks that can be shared by dragging and dropping in different programs and websites. The application integrates with Last.fm, and plans to develop a mobile version of Spotify.

I have this program and I must say that is going very well! The only problem is that some groups but not in general to me is perfect!