dijous, 4 de juny de 2009

The course has now finished!

On Monday, just the next course! This year has been a year of hard work and stress but in the end I succeeded and I think I deserve it!
These last two weeks have been the worst in the course because we had many exams but now I have the last review and I'm already more relaxed!

From now on everything will be partying, I do good work reserca, but compared to the course this is nothing! This weekend will go to concert of AC / DC makes me very excited.
This summer I will not go anywhere, but I move very well because it will be with my friends, go to the beach, pool etc..

I hope pass a good holidays!

see you soon:)


Hi boys and girls!

On June 10th is my birthday! i makes me very excited! that was a little girl but look for me on my birthday is very cool!
Missing 6 days and I thought they are a chocolate cake for my friends who also love and later with Sebas I'm going to the beach to eat! Do yo like my plan?

To my parents I asked gave me a vikini for the summer.

I hope you remember:)


The new generation of spotify

Spotify is an application used to listen to songs via streaming. Can hear music search by artist, album or playlists created by users themselves. The program was launched on October 7, 2008 to the European market, while its implementation in other countries will be held throughout 2009. The company has signed agreements with record labels Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI Music and Warner Music among others.

The user has access to the slopes of several labels, both multinational and independent labels, with an expanded list daily. The tracks can be found by searching for artists, titles, album, genre or year of publication. Users can create playlists and edit them or share them with other users. To this end, the playlist can, among other functions, provide a link to add to an email or instant message window. If the recipient follows the link, the playlist will be downloaded in the Spotify client of the recipient. Like the normal links in the playlist you can use the links everywhere, as in web pages. Exactly the same can be done in the individual tracks that can be shared by dragging and dropping in different programs and websites. The application integrates with Last.fm, and plans to develop a mobile version of Spotify.

I have this program and I must say that is going very well! The only problem is that some groups but not in general to me is perfect!

What you prefer in your summer beach or pool?

The beach is a place that is quiet in winter but summer is always crowded, I prefer to go to the creeks that are small i do not bother anyone. In the pool is no good because i sand the water is sweet thing is that my taste is better than not to be private because if you push around the world i can not swim well. But I think if tubiera I prefer to choose the sea because it is very beautiful, blue water with green ...

I think both are very well because you can spend a perfect day with friends, but I also think that if you want to go to one of the two sites with the boy or the girl you like the beach is much better, if you are looking for a bit you can find an ideal site! What I like most of the beach and the swimming pool is at night! are experiences that one has to go. It is one of the best feelings.

the ice cream

The ice cream is not as recent as some might imagine it dates from 2000 BC, is said to be of Chinese origin. This food product was introduced in Europe by Marco Polo at the end of the thirteenth century. The ice cream is rich in protein and vitamins. Its main inputs are: milk, water, fat, sugar, flavorings, fruits, stabilizers, gums, alginates and emulsifiers.

I love going to ice cream such that there are many different types of ice cream! increible me eat it all! already think that a meal but do not really like ice cream. There are many different types of ice cream, a day I prov the ice cream of bread with tomato! was a little bit bad, but I like are more like candy, Chocolate, Pistachio, strawberry, banana, sweet milk chocolate of fish, biscuit, cream catalana, melon. .. but even if it seems the Japanese have invented a lie frozen raw meat raw fish i! sick

In the process of developing the former was a mixture of milk, sugar, cream and a stabilizer. This mixture was frozen during the shaking process to prevent the formation of large ice crystals. Traditionally, the temperature is reduced by placing the mixture in a container, which is immersed in a mixture of crushed ice and salt. The salt lowers the temperature of melting ice, absorbing a larger amount of heat released by the cream, helándola in the process. In 1913 was invented in the U.S. the first machine to produce continuous ice cream, commonly known butter, which is the heart of the whole manufacturing process. Basically consists in the exterior of a large steel cylinder, which is frozen by a very potent cold in the interior of a beater with blades (connected by a shaft to a powerful electric motor) that are scraping the cylinder walls and moving the mixture continuously until the mixture reaches the consistency of an ice cream.

I hope that with this explication of ice cream have you really want to eat i try different ice cream!

diumenge, 12 d’abril de 2009

A few days in the Pyrenees

These last 4 days I have been in the Pyrenees with my father, Marta and her children. This days have been fantastic!
We stayed in apartment in a campsite which was very nice and big, It was in the middle of a valley and facing the window he saw the snowy mountains.
We arrived on Thursday morning, we ate some macaroni which had brought from home and we went to market in Sort. When we arrived Xavi, Lluis and I played a baseball in the grass, after we have dinner and we went to sleep.
The next day we were walking through the mountains to see a lake. When we arrived at the apartment I was very tired, but worth it.
On Saturday we was scared because the weather forecast said it would make a very bad time and it could not do anything. But we decided to go to the mountains to see snow. It was amazing we had a war of snow, we did very well and we just all wet!
Every day in the afternoon I did homeworks and I read The Hound of Baskerbille.
This morning we left and made me shame because I had very good!

dimarts, 7 d’abril de 2009

electric guitar

The guitar is a musical instrument with ancient roots that is used in a wide variety of musical styles. It typically has six strings, but four, seven, eight, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and eighteen string guitars also exist.

I chose to talk about guitars because I love to play and know that I love his sound.

Guitars are recognized as one of the primary instruments in jazz, blues, country, flamenco, mariachi, rock music, and many forms of pop. They can also be a solo classical instrument.

Guitars may be played acoustically, where the tone is produced by vibration of the strings and modulated by the hollow body, or they may rely on an amplifier that can electronically manipulate tone. Such electric guitars were introduced in the 1930s and continue to have a profound influence on popular culture.

I talk about electric guitars, the Electric guitars are more usuals are:

Stratocaster: The Stratocaster is one of the models of most successful electric guitar. The Stratocaster is an electric guitar designed by Leo Fender in 1954 and still produced today.

Lespaul: The Les Paul was designed by musician and inventor Lester William Polsfuss, better known as Les Paul, very popular at the time when he was hired by GibsonThe heavy body of the Les Paul is made in most models for a two-piece mahogany, which gives it a warm and dense ring and a maple top combo, which gives greater definition to the sound.

telecaster: In 1949 Leo Fender created first solid body electric guitar called Esquire, with the same design of the "Tele" but with one simple pill in the bridge position. In 1951 he decided to create a new version of 2 pills. It was originally named Broadcaster, but copyright issues with Gretsch, who marketed a battery call Broadkaster was finally decided in 1952 by Telecaster, giving this name to the world revolution that would result from the television.Is widely used in soft rock, rock the 60s, but especially the electric guitar is excellent for country music.

SG: SG is a popular model of solid body electric guitar that has been introduced in the ancient 1960s. It is similar to Gibson Les Paul model, but is lighter due to the body and is closer to double-cutaway

V:The V is an electric guitar model first released by Gibson in 1958.