dimecres, 15 d’octubre de 2008

21 black jack

One of the movies that i liked when I went to a cinema it was 21 black jack, the film is very good, I had enjoyed it very much because it's interesting how to used the intelligence, and the atmosphere of las Vegas is funny, a dream. Is an entretaining film.

The film deals with a group of university students that tnajks to their intelligence win in the casinos, playing 21 black jack. They count the cards and win a lot of money. This group are commanded by a teacher of mathematics from MIT.

Ben camphell is a shy and brilliant student. He wants to enter in the faculty of medicine but he hasn't enought money and he has an oportunity for joining in the grup and win money in las Vegas. Ben accepts the opportunity and goes with his news companions to las Vegas.

They win in all casinos but every time they are more confident.

The situation is more difficult because the police are watch them.