dimecres, 15 d’octubre de 2008


Hi! I’m Mònica,
I don’t know very well that tell in this blog, but I try writing interesting thinks.
at the past weekend I went to London with my family.
It was an unforgettable experiene, I had already gone to london, but I don't forgget very well.
On friday we woke up in the 4:00 a.m. I had thought that could sleep in the car but i couldn't. Later when we arrived in the airport we left the bags and we went in to the plane. Once in London we went in the market of camden town, camden town it's fantastic, i love it! haha... :)
In camden town bought lots of clothes, in the 13:00 we had hungry and we ate in the street chinese food.
In the afternoon we took the bus and we saw the most importants parts of the city, for example big bang, dawning street, oxfort street, parliament, tamesis etc.
The second day, saturday, we went to portovello! this in notting hill. Portovello is a market from saturdays and you can find wathever. After with my family went to oxfort street, the street of the most importants shops. I didn't bought in it because it more expensive.

the third day we flew to girona and here I finished my weekend :(